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Brand Life Consultancy Ltd is seeking opportunities to sell modified release preparations in the UK from manufacturers across EU & Asia.
Dactinomycin 500mcg [Opportunity for a seller]
31 August 2016
We are looking to buy or get a license and supply deal for Dactinomycin 500mcg injection.
We are looking for in-licensing or contract manufacturing of a diosmectite + oral rehydration salt combination for the treatment of diarrhea.
Needle-free self-injectable drugs/acute care [Opportunity for a buyer]
20 July 2015
Methotrexate for rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis. Epinephrine for anaphylactic shock. Sumatriptan for acute migraine & cluster headache. Naloxone for respiratory depression with opioids abusers. Hydrocortisone for adrenal crisis. Midazolam for seizures like epilepsy crisis. Apormophine for off period in Parkinson.
In-licensing for ASEAN region [Opportunity for a seller]
30 June 2015
We are seeking dossiers in the therapeutic areas of Cardio, Metabolic, Respiratory, Oncology, Aesthetics & CNS with Zone IV.b stability for ASEAN markets.
Abiraterone 250mg tablets [Opportunity for a buyer]
23 June 2015
Generic to Zytiga/Janssen Cilag
Valganciclovir EU/ROW dossier available for licensing [Opportunity for a buyer]
26 January 2015
Valganciclovir EU/ROW dossier available for licensing from leading generic producer.
New polymorphs of canagliflozin [Opportunity for a buyer]
02 January 2015
Two new crystalline forms of canagliflozin – including anhydrate and octanol solvate – have been discovered and patented (CN 103936726 A). They show pharmaceutically developable properties.
Seeking Modified Release Products for UK [Opportunity for a seller]
15 October 2014
We are seeking opportunities to sell modified release preparations in the UK.
We have sildenafil citrate tablets – 50mg and 100mg – for which we hold the MA in Germany and Spain. We would be interested to explore any out-licensing opportunity in the area of finished product supply or dossier for the same.
Dossiers required for EU, USA and MENA [Opportunity for a seller]
22 September 2013
We require dossiers for a broad range of medicines for the EU, USA and MENA on a non-exclusive basis.
Licensing of Oral Drug Delivery Products [Opportunity for a buyer]
19 September 2013
Athena have developed CTD dossiers on Oral Drug Delivery Products that we are looking to license out to partners who can receive products either in finished packs or bulk for local compression/encapsulation.
Generic Invega Sustenna Injection Depot [Opportunity for a buyer]
31 August 2013
This is an extended release injection product that is being developed as an NDA in the USA and as an EU CTD MAA, as a low cost alternative to Invega Sustenna Injection Depot.
The oral dispersible tablets are available in 125mg, 250mg and 500mg strengths.
Octreotide LAR: A Generic to Sandostatin LAR [Opportunity for a buyer]
15 July 2013
The product is a 30-day depot formulation being developed as an EU CTD MAA.
Voriconazole Tablets 50mg, 200mg [Opportunity for a buyer]
03 July 2013

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